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2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Most of the citizens of Westeros would end up on Santa’s naughty list (we’re looking at you, Cersei!), but that doesn’t mean Game of Thrones® fans who were on their best behavior all year should suffer the consequences. Thankfully, the HBO Shop® has plenty of holiday gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans, plus some fun suggestions from other HBO® shows as well.

All of the below products are available at the HBO Shop at or at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in New York City, except where otherwise noted.


Games & Activities

1. Game of Thrones™ Clue – $49.99

2. Stationery Set – $34.95

3. Coloring Book – $15.95

4. Game of Thrones: Live Concert Experience – Prices Vary

5. 4D Essos Puzzle – $59.99



Stocking Stuffers

1. Dorbz – $9.99

2. Moleskine – $24.94

3. Cookie Cutters – $19.99

4. Socks – $9.99-$24.99

5. Maiworld – $19.99

6. Ornaments – $17.99



1. Dark Horse Night King Figure – $24.99

2. McFarlane Iron Throne Construction Set – $31.99

3. Tournament Banners – $24.99

4. George R. R. Martin Box – Prices Vary


Apparel & Accessories

1. Lockhaven cardigans and sweaters – $49.95

2. Freezy Freakies – $44.99

3. Hats and Scarves – $16.99-$29.99

4. MEY Designs Jewelry $360-$1050 (Other options at MEY.London)



1. I Drink and I Know Things Wine Glass – $9.99

2. Wine Toppers – $39.99

3. Sansa Stark Sigil Mug – $14.99

4. Ommegang Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris Gift Pack – $22.99

5. Ommegang Beer Glasses – Prices Vary


Other Shows

1. Jeff the Diseased Lung Tee – $15

2. Last Week Tonight™ Funko – $9.99

3. Sesame Street™ Oscar the Grouch Tee – $24.99

4. Silicon Valley™ Tee – $24.99

5. Vice Principals™ Tee – $24.99

6. Looking™ Book – $78.00

7. Sesame Street Cookie Monster Tote – $29.99

8. Silicon Valley Mouse Pad – $11.99

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


Winter is Coming! And that means it’s time to start thinking about all of the friends and family on your gift list this year. Fortunately the HBO Shop® has you covered with plenty of Game of Thrones™ gift ideas, plus some fun suggestions from other hit HBO shows as well.

To pick up all of these products and more, check out the HBO Shop at or at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in New York City.


The holidays are a time for family to come together – and a perfect opportunity to settle ancient rivalries with a good old fashioned game night.

1.) Game of Thrones Monopoly® $59.99

2.) Game of Thrones Risk® $74.99


When it comes time to decorate, Game of Thrones ornaments and stockings help bring a little Westeros cheer to the season.

1.) Game of Thrones Iron Throne Ornament $14.99

2.) Game of Thrones Metal Sigil Ornaments [Set of 3] $29.99

3.) Game of Thrones Round Sigil Ornaments [Set of 4] $59.99

4.) Game of Thrones Iron Throne Stocking Holder $49.99

Whether your stocking is big or small – there’s plenty of room inside for these Game of Thrones goodies.

1.) Game of Thrones Pop! Figurines $9.99

2.) Game of Thrones Mystery Minis $6.99

3.) Game of Thrones Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit $12.95

4.) Game of Thrones Collectible Long Claw Sword Kit $12.95

5.) Game of Thrones Collectible Three Eyed Raven Kit $12.95


Look no further than these collectibles to take care of the diehard Game of Thrones® fan on your gift list.

1.) Game of Thrones Tyrion Figurine $24.99

2.) Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends $79.99

3.) Game of Thrones White Walker Figure $24.99

4.) Game of Thrones Longclaw: The Sword of Jon Snow $250.00

5.) Game of Thrones Iron Throne Room Construction Set $29.99


Make sure your friends look snazzy in the New Year with stylish Game of Thrones apparel & accessories.

1.) Game of Thrones Sigil Zip Up Hoodie $49.99

2.) Game of Thrones I Arrow Jon Snow Dolman Women’s T-shirt $29.99

3.) Game of Thrones Stark Targaryen Lannister T-shirt $24.99

4.) Game of Thrones Lifesize Hand of the King Pin $38.99

5.) Game of Thrones House Stark Shield Talisman Necklace $150


There’s plenty of drinkware options for beverage aficionados – whether it’s savoring the latest Game of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang or sipping a cup of coffee to stay warm while patrolling the Wall.

1.) Game of Thrones Location Pint Glasses $9.99 Each | $35.96 Set of 4

2.) Game of Thrones Gold-Rim Wine Glasses $14.99 Each | $53.96 Set of 4

3.) Game of Thrones Brewery Ommegang Three Eyed Raven Glass $9.99


For the Game of Thrones fan who sprinkles Westerosi trivia into all of his or her conversations, pick up these books and soundtracks so they can learn even more about the Seven Kingdoms.

1.) Game of Thrones 2016 Wall Calendar $14.99

2.) Game of Thrones: A Pop Up Guide to Westeros (Hardcover Book) $65.00

3.) Game of Thrones: Season 5 Soundtrack $11.98


Of course, there’s a whole wide world of HBO® products available outside the realm of Game of Thrones. Check out these products from other hit HBO shows for the TV aficionado in your life.

1.) Silicon Valley™ Original Pied Piper T-shirt $24.99

2.) Bill Maher But I’m Not Wrong Mug $14.99

3.) Last Week Tonight™ with John Oliver Mug $20.00

4.) True Blood™ Drinks and Bites Hardcover Book $18.95 True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps Hardcover Book $29.95


These box sets from HBO Home Entertainment will make for perfect binge-watching in the New Year.

1.) The Wire: The Complete Series Blu-ray with Digital HD $199.99

2.) Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Series DVD $199.99

3.) Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season DVD $59.98

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Ulysse Nardin® & HBO® Introduce The Night’s Watch at the HBO Shop® in NYC!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The Night's Watch- whiteThink you’re the ultimate Game of Thrones® fan?  Luxury Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin® and HBO® have announced a new collaboration on a signature men’s timepiece inspired by Game of Thrones® and the Night’s Watch. “The Night’s Watch” marine diver, a perfect pairing of sport and style, is monochromatic in rich black with elements of red representing the serious feel of the sacred order. This watch, made from stainless steel, coated with matte black rubber and finished with an exposed, sapphire glass case back of environments. Additionally it presents special, personalized elements inscribed on the strap with the phrases “The Night’s Watch” and “I am the Sword in the Darkness” along with a Game of Thrones logo engraving on the case back. Only 25 pieces of the limited edition watch have been made and are currently available at the HBO Shop (42nd St. & 6th Ave/ & Cellini boutiques in New York City. The limited edition pieces will retail for $10,500.

watch exhibit in NYC



See the display!


Game of Thrones™ Merchandise Featured on MTVGeek®!

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Game of Thrones Distressed Stark Sigil Hoodie


MTV Geek visited the HBO Shop in NYC to check out all things Game of Thrones® including apparel, glassware, collectibles and much more.  Check out the video below and visit the HBO Shop® Online Game of Thrones® Boutique to purchase all of the collectibles featured in the video including the Stark Distressed Hoodie and the Lannister Beanie and Scarf!

Game of Thrones Lannister Beanie + Scarf Set


Get More:
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Girls™ Merchandise Featured on Lacquered Lover®!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Girls Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition...


Lacquered Lover featured an interview with Deborah Lippmann from the GIRLS™ Nail Polish event held at the HBO SHOP® in NYC a few weeks ago.  The polish is a collaboration between Lena Dunham (series creator) and Lippmann born out of Lena emailing Deborah Lippman saying “wouldn’t it be groovy if Hannah had a certain cool green [nail polish]?”  As for the colors, they decided that each of the girls should have their own color and “knew immediately that Marnie had to be some sort of an uptight pink.”  If you feel like being a Shoshanna today, or any of the other GIRLS order this amazing collectible set now available at the HBO Shop®!

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Game of Thrones® Robert Baratheon’s crown Featured in AM New York!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012


The battle for the iron thrones continues with new episodes of Game of Thrones airing Sunday nights at 9. Take AM New York’s advice and get in the game by visiting the HBO SHOP in NYC where an exhibit of props straight from the set, including Robert Baratheon’s crown, is now on display.

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Halloween at the HBO SHOP® in NYC!

Monday, November 8th, 2010


The HBO® Shop Celebrated Halloween with the True Blood Halloween Inspiration Window.

In the spirit of Halloween, the HBO Shop in NYC sunk its teeth into the style of True Blood with wardrobe pieces straight from the set. The window featured (from left to right) Lorena’s Ruffle Dress from Season 3 Episode x, Bill’s Henley Tee from the Pilot, Sookie’s Bloody Merlotte’s Tee from the Pilot, Eric’s Bloody Tee from Season 3 Episode x, and Tara’s Bloody Nightgown from Season 3 Episode x, It even showcased a montage of clips of the wardrobe pieces from all three seasons of the show.

With the costumes and video, the storefront truly provided fans a glimpse at some of the most iconic outfits from throughout the series.

For more information on the NYC Store click here!

The HBO Shop® Celebrates Holidays with Winter-Inspired Interactive Display

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

In the spirit of play and winter, the HBO Shop NYC Store has turned its window into a Giant Interactive Snow Globe. Employing cutting-edge motion tracking and live interactive video, the display is designed to attract and engage people passing on the sidewalk.

Featuring a wintery white landscape with pops of color and whimsical touches such as shoes walking across the snow, the display showcases merchandise from popular HBO shows including a chandelier made of recycled Tru Blood™ drink bottles, Sex and the City® after party foldable ballet flats and colorful t-shirts.

As six sensors detect passerby motion, a bit of snow begins to blow up into the window space, moved by an array of computer-controlled fans on the floor.  While the person approaches closer to the window, more and more snowflakes blow up into the space creating a little blizzard in the window — culminating with the LED video screen clearing up to reveal a beautiful woodland scene.

For more information on the NYC Store click here!

The “Alabama Chanin for HBO” Collection – NYC Store

Monday, April 13th, 2009

April 13th – 26th, Take 30% off these one of a kind t-shirts at the NYC Store at 42nd & 6th.


The HBO Shop celebrated the launch of the new “Alabama Chanin for HBO” limited-edition t-shirt collection, designed by Natalie Chanin, founder and designer of clothing label Alabama Channin (  The HBO Shop commissioned Natalie to design a special collection of “Alabama Chanin for HBO” limited-edition, embellished t-shirts.  Each design is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and recycled from previous HBO collections featuring logos and key themes from hit programs like Entourage(sm), True Blood(sm), Flight of the Conchords(sm), Sex & the City


Monday, December 22nd, 2008


Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the peace sign this holiday season with the HBO Shop