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Welcome all of the newest Banshee ™ gear to the HBO Shop®!

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Banshee Old Habits Die Hard Women's T-Shirt   Banshee Old Habits Die Hard T-Shirt

Lucas Hood pulls off quite a cover as the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania, and you’re a Fanshee! Show your love for the show with the Banshee™ T-shirt, which features a signature depiction of the most dangerous town in America, and the line: “Where Old Habits Die Hard.”

Banshee Old Habits Die Hard Mug

Sipping out a Banshee mug more your style? We’ve got that too!

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Just in: New T-shirts from Banshee™!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Banshee Fanshee T-Shirt      Banshee Fanshee T-Shirt

Show off your love for Cinemax®’s Banshee® with this amazing Banshee™-themed shirt, new to the HBO Shop®!

There are fans, and then there are Banshee® fans. The difference being that the latter makes you a Fanshee! The Banshee Fanshee T-shirt, available in both black or white, features “Fanshee” in bold red block letters, so you can share your love for the Banshee show and connect with fellow Fanshees!

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