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Political Satire – Fact vs. Fiction

Monday, May 15th, 2017

These days, it may be difficult to tell Political Fact from Fiction – and (former…) President Selina Meyer plans to keep you in the (hilarious) dark! Thankfully, we still have Last Week Tonight® with John Oliver to help us sort through all the red, white, and blue noise.

Celebrate your favorite political HBO®  Comedies Last Week Tonight®  with John Oliver and VEEP®  with official merchandise, like the Last Week Tonight Pop! FunkoVeep™  Did the President Call T-Shirt (Men’s and Women’s), Last Week Tonight™ Season 4 “Scary Times for a Scared Man” Poster, and the Veep Bunting Flag Mug!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Pop! Television Figurine

Veep Did the President Call T-Shirt Veep Did the President Call Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver A Scared Man Poster [11x17]

Veep Bunting Flag Logo Mug

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Celebrate your Favorite Political Comedies Veep® and Last Week Tonight®!

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

If the 2016 US Presidential election is making your head spin, have no fear! Veep®  and Last Week Tonight®  are here to skewer campaign season and tickle your (red, white, and blue) funny bone! Check out Hats, Shirts, Mugs, and more!

Make Donald Drumpf Again Baseball Cap 

A hat, specially designed to be worn on the head, as a reminder of the real Donald Drumpf. All hats are being sold at cost, because we know nothing would irritate him more than someone choosing not to make a profit. Available in Blue or Red!

Make Donald Drumpf Again Baseball Cap -- Blue     Make Donald Drumpf Again Baseball Cap -- Red

Veep™ Jonah Ryan T-Shirt – Men or Women’s

Do you see Jon H Ryan or Jonah Ryan? Either way, we see one spectacular train wreck of a campaign that can only be done by Jonah and his ragtag team of White House rejects. Everyone loves to hate Jonah, but prove that you hated him first with the Veep Jonah Ryan Women’s T-shirt. The fitted red crew neck tee features Jonah’s failure of a campaign sign, signed off by his expert communications director Richard Splett. Throw your support behind Jonad for Congress and show you’re a true fan of Veep with this fan must-have.

Veep Jonah Ryan T-Shirt    Veep Jonah Ryan Women's T-shirt



Veep Proudly Standing For Everything Mug

It’s impossible to please every single voter, but Selina Meyer and her team are going to do their best. Get the Veep™ Proudly Standing For Everything Mug and join in the campaign. The white mug features the Veep™ logo and the new line “Boldly running for president. Proudly standing for everything.”

Veep Proudly Standing For Everything Mug


Veep Meyer James T-Shirt – Men’s and Women’s

Four more years! Nobody’s perfect, but some are better at being imperfect than others. Make your position clear with the Veep Meyer James T-shirt, and let everyone know that in Selina we trust … to make us laugh! The bright blue shirt features the Veep logo and the red, white, and blue Meyer James campaign logo. It’s a great tee to wear on Super Tuesday or casual Friday.

Veep Meyer James T-Shirt   Veep Meyer James Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt

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