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2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Most of the citizens of Westeros would end up on Santa’s naughty list (we’re looking at you, Cersei!), but that doesn’t mean Game of Thrones® fans who were on their best behavior all year should suffer the consequences. Thankfully, the HBO Shop® has plenty of holiday gift ideas for Game of Thrones fans, plus some fun suggestions from other HBO® shows as well.

All of the below products are available at the HBO Shop at or at the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in New York City, except where otherwise noted.


Games & Activities

1. Game of Thrones™ Clue – $49.99

2. Stationery Set – $34.95

3. Coloring Book – $15.95

4. Game of Thrones: Live Concert Experience – Prices Vary

5. 4D Essos Puzzle – $59.99



Stocking Stuffers

1. Dorbz – $9.99

2. Moleskine – $24.94

3. Cookie Cutters – $19.99

4. Socks – $9.99-$24.99

5. Maiworld – $19.99

6. Ornaments – $17.99



1. Dark Horse Night King Figure – $24.99

2. McFarlane Iron Throne Construction Set – $31.99

3. Tournament Banners – $24.99

4. George R. R. Martin Box – Prices Vary


Apparel & Accessories

1. Lockhaven cardigans and sweaters – $49.95

2. Freezy Freakies – $44.99

3. Hats and Scarves – $16.99-$29.99

4. MEY Designs Jewelry $360-$1050 (Other options at MEY.London)



1. I Drink and I Know Things Wine Glass – $9.99

2. Wine Toppers – $39.99

3. Sansa Stark Sigil Mug – $14.99

4. Ommegang Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris Gift Pack – $22.99

5. Ommegang Beer Glasses – Prices Vary


Other Shows

1. Jeff the Diseased Lung Tee – $15

2. Last Week Tonight™ Funko – $9.99

3. Sesame Street™ Oscar the Grouch Tee – $24.99

4. Silicon Valley™ Tee – $24.99

5. Vice Principals™ Tee – $24.99

6. Looking™ Book – $78.00

7. Sesame Street Cookie Monster Tote – $29.99

8. Silicon Valley Mouse Pad – $11.99

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Celebrate Oktoberfest with 20% Off Drinkware!

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Raise a glass to all of your favorite HBO® Comedies and Dramas, including Game of Thrones®, Eastbound & Down®, Deadwood®, True Blood®, and Vinyl®! What’s better–save 20%* on drinkware this Oktoberfest! Use code: FEST at checkout.

Take a load off with the Game of Thrones™  “I Drink and Know Things” Stein and the Brewery Ommegang Growler!

Game of Thrones I Drink and I Know Things Stein  Game of Thrones Brewery Ommegang Growler

Perhaps a relaxing glass of wine while considering your future reign is more your style? Then perhaps the Sansa Sigil Wine Glass is for you?

Game of Thrones Sansa Sigil Wine Glass

Or maybe you’re the classy, sip slow and savor type? Then the Myrtle Beach, Fangastia, and Vinyl™  Rocks glass will suit you just fine!

Eastbound & Down Myrtle Beach Mermen Rocks Glass True Blood Fangtasia Rocks Glass Vinyl Rocks Glass

And lastly – if you’re more the type to get the party started fast, then knock ’em back with the Deadwood™  shot glass!


Deadwood Shot Glass


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Which House Do You Fight For? Shop Game of Thrones™ by House Now!

Thursday, September 8th, 2016



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Sansa Stark Sigil Hoodie, Shirts, and Mug – New to the Realm!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

With every new episode in Season Six bringing head-turning plot twists and amazing character revelations, you deserve to own the newest addition to the realm. Check out some the newest Game of Thrones™  Gear featuring the Sansa Stark Sigil!

Sansa Sigil


Sansa Stark Sigil Hoodie

It’s time to take back the North! Rally behind Jon and Sansa as they reclaim their rightful place at Winterfell with the Sansa Stark Sigil Men’s Sweatshirt. Featuring the detailed direwolf sigil sewn by Sansa before she and Jon ride to Winterfell, this sweatshirt shows that you stand behind House Stark. The North remembers. Raise your banners to the surviving Stark siblings with this comfortable, premium-fit sweatshirt.

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil Hoodie

Sansa Stark Sigil Women’s Junior Slim Fit T-Shirt

As Sansa Stark has said, “I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell.” Support Sansa and Jon as they reclaim the North with the Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil Women’s Junior Slim Tee. Featuring the new direwolf sigil sewn by Sansa as they rebuild House Stark, the stylish premium-fit tee — in classic Stark grey and turquoise — aligns you with the rightful leaders of Winterfell. The North remembers. Don the new direwolf sigil and rally behind Sansa as she seeks vengeance for what was taken from her.

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil Women's Junior Slim Fit T-Shirt



Sansa Stark Sigil Mug

Perk up! The true rulers of the North are riding to reclaim Winterfell. Raise your cup to Jon and Sansa with the Sansa Stark Sigil Mug, featuring the detailed direwolf sigil sewn by Sansa as they ready to ride to Winterfell. As the Starks say: “Winter is coming.” Keep warm and show you remain loyal to House Stark with this exclusive black ceramic mug.

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil Mug


Sansa Stark Sigil T-Shirt

There’s only one place for the Starks to go: Home. Rally behind Jon and Sansa as they ride to take back their rightful seat in Winterfell with the Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil Men’s T-shirt. Featuring the new direwolf sigil sewn by Sansa as she readies to take back the North with Jon, this premium-fit crew neck shirt, in Stark grey or maroon, shows your allegiance for House Stark. The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Stand by the honorable Stark clan with this exclusive tee.Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sigil T-Shirt


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