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Celebrate the return of Girls ® and Togetherness ® with 20% off!

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

The wait is over! Girls and Togetherness are back on our screens and what better way to celebrate than with 20% off Girls and Togetherness merchandise!

Kick back and catch up with Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa wearing your favorite show T-Shirt or having a grown up coffee in your not so grown up mug!

Girls Living the Dream Women's T Shirt  Girls Coffee Is For Grown Ups


Or watch the gang from Togetherness juggle parenthood and trying to follow their dreams at the same time- where quiet everyday moments bear so much more significance. You can celebrate the return of Togetherness with the Togetherness Logo T-Shirt available in both Men’s and Woman’s fit.


Togetherness Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt  Togetherness T-Shirt


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Togetherness™ Poster and Shirts, New to the HBO Shop®!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Togetherness T-Shirt     Togetherness Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt

When middle age somethings juggle parenthood and the pressures of sustaining their passions without skirting responsibility, quiet everyday moments bear so much more significance. Togetherness® captures these powerful, quiet moments, and has got you hooked on the show. Now, you can celebrate your love of Togetherness with these amazingly soft shirts and poster, new to the HBO Shop®!

Perk up your walls with the Togetherness poster, featuring a quintessential shot of Brett, Michelle, their kids, Alex, and Tina—the poster people for the tagline “some people have it all figured out. These are not those people.”

The Togetherness T-Shirt features the show logo, and is available in either Light Blue or Royal. The Togetherness women’s T-Shirt also features the show logo, but is available in three colors, including hot pink, purple, and turquoise!


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