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Who’s your favorite dynamic duo from Game of Thrones™?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

There is only one war that matters.

Throughout Season 7, we saw new alliances form and old alliances crumble. As the Long Night approaches and the Night King moves beyond the Wall, the characters of Game of Thrones™ must come together to fight their greatest threat yet.

Winter is here and the person you choose to fight with could mean the difference between life and death.

Root for your favorite dynamic duo from Game of Thrones™ with merchandise from the official HBO Shop today!

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones Sigil Mash-Up T-Shirt

Celebrate the alliance of the Dragon and the Wolf with this mash-up T-Shirt, bringing the sigils of House Stark and House Targaryen together!

Arya Stark & Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones Warn You T-Shirt

Pay tribute to the moment when the Stark sisters joined forces to defeat their common enemy: Lord Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish. It may not have been safe to trust Littlefinger, but the two sisters can trust each other.

Brienne of Tarth & Tormund Giantsbane

Game of Thrones You’re My Brienne Mug & Game of Thrones You’re My Tormund Mug

Find someone to be the Brienne to your Tormund, or the Tormund to your Brienne! This fan favorite pairing also make a great pair of mugs!

Cersei Lannister & Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones Lannister Wine Glass

Throughout the seven seasons of Game of Thrones™ , Jaime and Cersei have always remained a team. However at the end of Season 7, Jaime seems to be venturing to the North on his own. Raise a glass to the last Lannisters today!

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Give them the Newest Gifts from the Realm!

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

No tree is complete without beautiful ornaments hanging from it. Dress up your tree–and your friends’ and family’s houses–with new ornaments from Game of Thrones™ ! Make the glittering Direwolf and the stunning Crown yours today!

Game of Thrones Crown Ornament

Game of Thrones Crown Ornament

Game of Thrones Ghost Ornament

Game of Thrones Ghost OrnamentShop Now!


Check out these Fan Favorites from Game of Thrones™!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

There’s a whole universe of amazing merchandise from your favorite show – Game of Thrones®, of course-but here are a few fan favorites that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on!

Game of Thrones My Watch is Ended Sword T-Shirt

Has your watch ended? Support Jon Snow as he embarks on a new journey away from the Night’s Watch with My Watch is Ended T-Shirt. This t-shirt features Jon’s beloved Longclaw sword as well as a quote that is sure to become just as iconic as the night’s watch oath.

Game of Thrones My Watch is Ended Sword T-Shirt


Game of Thrones Pop! Television Brienne of Tarth Figurine

You couldn’t ask for better protection than what you’d get from the fearless Brienne of Tarth. Get the Game of Thrones Pop! Television Brienne Figurine and show you admire serious strength, no matter its form. Even as a 3.75 inch vinyl figure, Lady Brienne is a fearsome warrior with her armor, sword, and ever-ready stance.

Game of Thrones Pop! Television Brienne of Tarth Figurine

Game of Thrones Westeros & Essos Map Framed Print [22×30]

The old world look of the Westeros & Essos Map Framed Print is perfect for any Game of Thrones collector. Showing the area from the Ice Wall to the Highgarden in Westeros, and east to cover Pentos to Qarth in Essos, you can make a land grab with this beautiful print!



Game of Thrones Westeros & Essos Map Framed Print [22x30]


Game of Thrones Khaleesi Tote Bag

Pack up your gear with this handy Game of Thrones Khaleesi Tote Bag. The tote proudly features the Targaryen three headed dragon sigil with the Khaleesi dragon script and shows your eco-friendly vibe, too.


Game of Thrones Khaleesi Tote Bag

Game of Thrones Stark Embroidered Sock [Navy]

Step into the Seven Kingdoms and feel like one of the Stark siblings with Game of Thrones Limited Edition Stark Sigil Socks by Gallant & Beau. The comfortable navy dress socks from the famous London fashion sock company feature the silver, snarling direwolf sigil of House Stark embroidered on the leg of the sock. Walk with the virtuous confidence of Rob Snow or the courageous pride of Arya and show you bend your knee for the ancient and honorable House Stark with these stately socks.

Game of Thrones Stark Embroidered Sock [Navy]


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New to the Realm!

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Game of Thrones House of Black and White Mug              Game Of Thrones Westeros Map Messenger Bag

After an historic blizzard that rocked cities like Washington D.C. and New York, there’s no doubt: Winter is definitely here. Celebrate the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones®, as well as the real life return of Winter, with amazing items that are new to the realm!

Game of Thrones Stemless Logo Glass                 Game of Thrones Titan of Braavos Statue

Start your day by sipping piping hot coffee or tea from your House of Black and White Mug. As you step out the door, toss your notebook, pens, and more in your Westeros Map Bag, a stylish and handy way to proudly display your love for your favorite show. At the end of the day, the Titan of Braavos Statue will welcome you back home, where you can cap off a long day fighting the winter with the Game of Thrones™ Stemless logo glass resting comfortably in your palm.


See What Else is New to the Realm!

The Seat of Power for House Stark – and YOU! Winterfell Map T-Shirt Now Available.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Do you bend a knee to the Warden of the North? If so, then proudly show your allegiance to his home, Winterfell! It has been the seat of power for House Stark for millennia. Let the world know where the true power wields with new apparel inspired by Winterfell.

This Is Your Home in Westeros!